North Korean leader suspects U.S. of trying to create an “Asian version” of NATO

Kim Jong-un: the U.S., together with Japan and South Korea, is creating an “Asian version” of NATO

Kim Jong-un has said that the United States is permanently deploying nuclear strike weapons in South Korea. North Korea will respond by increasing the number of its nuclear weapons and producing tactical nuclear weapons.

The U.S. is trying to create an “Asian version of NATO” in the region and is deploying nuclear strike weapons in South Korea to put pressure on the DPRK, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said, speaking at an expanded meeting of the sixth plenum of the Central Committee (Central Committee) of the DPRK Workers’ Party.

“In 2022, the U.S., by frequently introducing various nuclear strike weapons into South Korea at the level of permanent deployment, raised the level of military pressure on our republic as much as possible. And on the other hand, really promoting the implementation of triple cooperation with Japan and South Korea, under the pretext of “strengthening the alliance” are plunging into creating a new military bloc as “an Asian version of NATO,” the North Korean Central News Agency (CTAC) reports the North Korean leader.

According to Kim Jong-un, South Korea is “frantic in its dangerous machinations to increase military expenditures,” which Seoul attributes to the threat from North Korea. This situation, according to the North Korean leader, requires Pyongyang to redouble its efforts to strengthen its “overwhelming military force in order to consistently guarantee the sovereignty, security and core interests of the republic in response to the alarming military actions of the United States and hostile forces targeting our state.”

The DPRK head also declared his intention to strengthen the capabilities of the national nuclear forces. At the same time, he called their main task in case of failure of deterrence and “protection of peace” a mission “which will obviously be different, not defense.” “According to the strategy of strengthening the nuclear armed forces and the plan of our party and the government of the republic to reliably defend the absolute dignity, sovereignty and right to exist of the republic, the task has been put forward to develop another system of intercontinental ballistic missiles, whose main mission is the ability to mount an urgent nuclear counterattack,” he said.

Kim Jong-un said the country needs to mass-produce tactical nuclear weapons and increase “exponentially” the number of nuclear weapons in general. He cited the fact that “South Korean puppets” call North Korea their main adversary and “openly talk about even preparing for war.”

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