China’s new foreign minister says he has many friends in the U.S.

Qin Gang spoke about the hardworking American people and promised to promote relations with Washington. He previously served as China’s ambassador to the U.S. and was appointed head of the country’s Foreign Ministry

China’s new Foreign Minister Qin Gang on his Twitter (the network is blocked in Russia) warmly thanked the people of the United States with whom he interacted during his time as ambassador to this country.

“I am impressed that I met many hardworking, friendly and talented people in America,” the diplomat wrote. He said he was able to visit 22 states in which he made many friends.

Qin Gang also promised to help improve U.S.-China relations and strive for peace and cooperation.

As Bloomberg notes, a warming in U.S.-China relations came after November, when the leaders of the two countries held talks. They agreed to resume consultations on climate, which were interrupted after Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan in August. In addition, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is scheduled to visit Beijing early this year.

Qin Gang has established himself as a supporter of improving relations between Washington and Beijing during his time as ambassador. For example, he has repeatedly stated that the PRC does not want to invade Taiwan. In addition, he claimed that Beijing knew nothing about Russia’s plans to launch a military operation in Ukraine and, had it known, would have discouraged Moscow in every possible way.

Qin Gang’s predecessor, Wang Yi, became head of the Chinese Communist Party’s Foreign Affairs Commission late last year. He has already published an article in which he talks about the need to develop relations with the US in the right direction, but does not specify what he means by that.

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