Personal Loan Online: See Market Conditions

The personal loan is a modality that has been growing a lot in recent years, offering some advantages such as the convenience of not having to leave the house to carry out a loan and also interest rates more interesting. Check out our suggestions:

Know the conditions to make a loan online and make yours quickly and easily.

Companies offering personal loan online

Companies offering personal loan online

1. Legendary

It is possible to request from R $ 1,000 to R $ 50,000, with installments of 6,12,18,30 or 36 months, depending on the credit analysis.

Interest rates can range from 2.97% to 12.89% per month, depending on the credit analysis performed.

2. Geru

The amounts can vary from R $ 2,000 to R $ 50,000, with plots of 12 to 36 months. The interest rate is 2% up to 9.50% per month and may vary according to the credit institution’s credit approval criteria.

3. Credits


At Credits, a guarantee is required for the loan, so the rates are lower, from 1.05% to 2.27% per month. They ask for two types of warranty:

  • The first would be to place property as collateral, the minimum loan amount will be $ 30,000 and can reach up to $ 2 million, the minimum installments is 60 and the maximum will be 180 months;
  • The second would be the car, this would be for loans starting with smaller amounts, in this case, the minimum is R $ 5,000 and the maximum will be R $ 2 million, with minimum payment in 12 months and maximum in 48 months.


BIVA is a loan company for small businesses, but with the model of a collective loan, where people are investing in the financing of others, being interesting for investors and legal entities.

Their rates can range from 2.1% to 6.8% per month. The loan varies from R $ 3,000 to R $ 800,000 and the payment term can be made in up to 24 months. In the case of investment, the minimum value is R $ 5,000, but this is only for new investors since after the first investment the minimum value will be R $ 2,000 and the profitability is on average 22% per year.

5. Simplic

5. Simplic

The interest rate varies from 15.80% to 17.90% per month, being high because Simplic is focused on negative people. It offers loans from R $ 500 to R $ 3500 with a term of up to 12 months to make the payment and if the request for the loan is made until the 16 hours, the credit will be made available the same day.

6. MoneyMan


He makes loans from R $ 500 to R $ 3,000, with a term of up to 6 months to make the payment. The interest rate can be from 11.70% to 15.60% a month and rates are high because like Simplic, the focus of it is the loan for negatives.

Use the Low-Interest Simulator, you can do a simulation and get a comparison with transparency, choosing the best loan option.